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Who we areWho we are

School of Thoughts is organised as a free course by creative directors in Russia who are focused on finding and supporting the best new talent within the creative advertising industry.

Who we areWhat we do

We will aim to support and train talented people who prepare for a career as advertising creatives. We will help them to come up with new, interesting, innovative ideas that will entertain, involve and ultimately sell brands and products in the advertising world.

Who we areWhy we do it

Our only objective is to improve the quality of creative thinking and raise the current standard of new creatives joining the industry. The course is currently free to the limited number of entrants who pass the test to get in.


Applications for the 2014 course have now ended. Follow us on Facebook to view lectures later in the summer, and get updates on the course. Applications for next years' course will commence at the beginning of 2015.
Application does not guarantee a place on the course. This course is open to anyone except those currently employed as advertising creatives. There are only twenty places available on the 2015 course, so the applications that show the most creative talent will win. Try to be original. All applicants' entries will then be judged by a group of international creative directors, to decide who will make the final twenty students.

Good luck.


All important dates for School of Thoughts 2015 are in the calendar below, so it's easy to check when and where any lecture or tutor class is.

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What is the course about?
School of Thoughts is built to help you recognise and judge a good idea and learn to develop your own. It will help you create a portfolio of work containing great ideas which is what the best creative directors look for from new creatives wanting to get into the advertising industry.

How much will it cost?
Unlike other creative schools in Russia, School of Thoughts is a completely free course, solely dedicated to improving the standard of new creatives entering the industry.

Why is it free?
We don’t believe creative talent should pay to get into the industry. And if agencies can increase the amount of creative talent to choose from it benefits all of us.

How many students do you take?
The number of students accepted to the course is low in order to give the best support and training through such an intensive program. This year we are accepting 20 of the brightest newcomers in Russia, with the aim to find the most creative student of the year.

Is this course open for anyone?
Anyone can apply. However we will not accept any people currently employed as an advertising creative.

Should we have some previous training?
No experience is necessary. You do not need to have done any other creative course before applying for a place in School of Thoughts.

How do I get on the course?
Each applicant is required to complete and pass a simple application test before you are offered a place in School of Thoughts. Our students are chosen purely on the merit of their ideas in their application, not what they are currently doing with their lives.

What language is the course in?
As this is a course led and judged by international creatives, it is an advantage to speak and write English, but not essential.

Terms and conditions

No guarantee is made for any applicant to obtain a place on the course.

Judging of entry applications is taken by a group of creative directors and selection is made purely on quality of ideas presented. Once the decision has been made there can be no changes to course entrants.

If a student is successful but declines the position for School of Thoughts, please notify us within five working days of receiving your notification.

Any student who is absent from either tutor class or lecture on more than three occasions without a valid reason will be automatically dismissed. All course tutors and lecturers give their valuable time for free, so students are expected to be punctual and commited.

School of Thoughts reserves the right to amend or postpone any part of the School of Thoughts programme.

All ideas created by students while studying on the course remain the intellectual property of School of Thoughts. If any agency wishes to use an idea for an actual client, please seek the permission of School of Thoughts. We are happy for any idea to be produced, with the correct credit to the student involved.

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